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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


And so end our shortest marathon to date.

Marathon Side-Effects

As in previous marathons, I am succumbing to my lack of sleep (I never sleep the night before, you'd think I'd learn). We're watching Mad Max now, and I have to say, it's a bit odd hearing Mel Gibson speak in his native accent. Before Mad Max, we decided to watch an episode of Superman: Animated Series (alternate future episode) as a change of pace.

A lot of these movies are favourites of mine, but it's amazing how boring it can be watching the same dreary setting over and over. We never really thought this through. I don't remember being quite so tired in any of our previous marathons.

Well...except for that one time that I fell asleep and Casey took a picture and hulkafied me.

My name is Jim Goose and Everything is Going to be OK

Rya has spent most of our current movie, Mad Max, saying my name over and over again with either nothing to say when I respond or some sort speaking-in-tongues dialogue. My brain feels somewhat like this now:

"Hey fella, stop! What a turkey. Hey fella, you're a turkey, y'know that?" ―Goose Jim

Ahhh, Cute!

We're well into Equilibrium now and a theme from the previous film, Logan's Run has shown up here. In the future, people will no longer keep pets. In Logan's Run the protagonists run into some cats, which have the baffled and at first frightened.

In Equilibrium, Batman comes into contact with a cute wittle puppy and saves him from the firing squad. In the next movie, I expect there to be a rabbit, or  maybe a nice goldfish.

Sean Bean is dead.


If you're making a dystopian movie, it needs some prologue text. We're on our third dystopian movie, Equilibrium, and the third movie with opening text. I'm starting to question the logic behind both the theme of the marathon, and the idea to start with two exceptionally slow movies.


It turns out that movie marathons are a lot more difficult with them around.